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Our Process

We specialize in creating custom benefit plans tailored to your business' unique needs. Our team of experts will work with you to design a comprehensive benefit plan that attracts and retains top talent while also controlling costs. Schedule a no-obligation consultation below for more information.


Learn about your business

We talk to you about your business goals, employee retention, and if you already have a current benefit plan. If you have a current benefit plan, we discuss your likes and dislikes about that plan and whether any changes need to be made.

We also run industry benchmarking comparisons to ensure your benefits are competitive with other employers in your industry.


Quoting and Negotiating

We work with all of our providers to quote the benefit plan we design. After some negotiation with each of the carriers to get some of the quotes to be in line with what we believe is fair market value, we meet and present your options and our recommendations in a clear and concise spreadsheet.


Implementation, Training, and Management

Our team helps implement the plan and provide training and ongoing support to your internal administrator or HR department. We then provide employers with reviews throughout the year where we can help estimate their plan costs in the future for budgeting purposes. 

Ready to Enhance Your Employee Benefits?

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